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2015 – Off and Running

Wow! It’s hard to believe the first week of the new year has already come and gone and what a busy time it has been.

The year started off on its busy path on day one, having signed up for an author platform course provided by my publisher. Each day I have an “assignment” linked to building my social media presence. I have created a new author profile on Facebook, learned how to use Twitter correctly and signed up on Goodreads. Even the blog posted just before this one, was one of my assignments. Each day has truly been a rewarding experience and I look forward to learning more.

Becoming an author has been an incredible journey. Despite the work, every step has been worthwhile. Even the bits of doubt and fear that creep in once in a while have been eye opening. What better way to learn about yourself.

As the days and weeks of 2015 go by I will continue to hone my social media skills, edit my next novel and work on my WIP. There will be blogs to posts, books to read, and potential reviews to write for Goodreads, not to forget the articles for my son’s hockey team. Bring it on 2015! I am ready with pen in hand – or at least a laptop on my lap.

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