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Have You Ever Wondered About Your Birthmark?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve ever lived before, who you were, and how you died? In the last several years there have been many stories of children who have remembered another life. Their accounts of things they can’t possibly know or understand are astounding.

Most recently, The Epoch Times, posted 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body by Tara MacIsaac. The event itself happened several years ago, but the story has since resurfaced in the last few months.

I found the article to be fascinating, having heard many other such stories recounted by children. It is thought provoking. It makes me wonder if my own children ever said anything that was so outrageous that I dismissed it. If they did, I don’t remember. The belief about birthmarks is also interesting. Did you know that some believe they are connected to past-life death? Krista, a character in my novel Promised Soul has a birthmark, just in her hairline.

The idea of remembering a past-life is something that has always piqued my interest and was the main focus in my first novel. I believe that unless something is disproved, then it’s possible. Tell me what you think about the article and the possibility of past-lives? Would you like to remember yours?

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