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Stories to Tell

As part of an author platform course offered by my publisher, participants were asked the question “Why do you write?” The question was one of many. Upon answering the questions, participants were asked to build three short author bios based on their answers, each bio of varying length. As I first perused over the questions, I feared that I didn’t have enough experiences or knowledge to write. It was a fleeting moment. One I quickly pushed away as I began answering each question. I have had my share of experiences. After all, authors who have written horror stories or fantasy certainly haven't experienced what they’d written about, not in real life. Experience doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible. A scary dream about a monster or a strange new world is experience enough.

As I began to answer the question “why do you write?” my initial thought was the obvious one – I write because I enjoy it. But as I started to write my answer, I realized that it went much deeper than that. I write not only because I enjoy it, but because it allows me to explore ideas. Writing helps me to create worlds where I would love to be and worlds that should only exist on paper, but sadly – don’t. Writing helps feed my drive for knowledge as at times it requires research. I write because it expands my view of the world and the people within it. I write because I have stories to tell.

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