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Winter's Peace

Winter is not my favourite season, I don’t like being cold. However, for the many hazards and hardships winter brings, it can also bring joy and wonder. You only need to watch children playing in the snow to see it.

Our first snowfall was two weeks ago and while it only lasted two days (it’s back again now), there was something I noticed. Not that I’d never observed it before, but perhaps appreciated it more. On that second wintery day I took my puppy for a walk. The snow was gently falling around us and as we stood still for a moment, we heard not a sound. It was serene. Only winter can bring you that sort of peace. You only need to stand still outside during a gentle snowfall to feel it.

Standing in a field of snow

Wintery breezes start to blow.

Tiny snowflakes flutter down,

Gently falling to the ground.

Pure and white, each flake precise,

Transforming water into ice.

Blanketing ground, leaves and trees

Snowflakes cover all it sees.

While growth and warmth and colours cease

There’s nothing quite like winter’s peace.

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