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What if?

How Did I Get Here?

I think about that question and I chuckle. How did I get here? And while hard work has had a lot to do with it, taking a chance played a huge part too. I realize that as I get older I have nothing left to lose. I have always been taught to think for myself. Not to follow the crowd. Be me. So now, here I am, writing my very first blog on my very own website. It’s all so exciting and scary at the same time. Hardly a day has gone by where I haven’t had doubts. Then I push those thoughts aside and go and do something that pushes me forward, like choosing and paying for a domain name. I have come a long way from being afraid.

Once Upon a Time

I have always loved reading and composition was my favourite part of English class. However, becoming an author wasn’t something I’d ever thought of until I was a mother. I made up stories for my kids, but never wrote any down. I still remember them; they are burned into my memory from repetition. I did write and illustrate one story, but when I looked in to publishing, it seemed too complicated and I gave up. A few years later I felt compelled to write a poem when my niece passed away. It was meant for her parents but they asked me to read it at her funeral. At that moment I realized people might actually appreciate my writing. A couple of months later, I started writing down my first story idea. I soon had several stories on the go; though, I couldn’t get around to finishing any. I think deep down it was fear that kept me from completing anything. I finally decided that when the next story idea hit, I was going to finish it. Finally, after two years (yes, it took me that long) I finished my first novel. Since then I have finished a second and I am well on my way to completing my third.

Pushing Past the Fear

My novel was complete. I had some family members tell me it was good. I had a friend read it from beginning to end; she told me it was good. But was it good enough? Somehow I found out about a website for writers and readers. I hesitated at first, but then jumped in and uploaded my entire manual. Luckily, a wonderful person from “across the pond” gave me some advice. She told me I would get far better results if I only posted one or two chapters a week, that way my story wouldn’t get buried in the bottom of the “what’s new” pile. I took her advice and deleted all but the first three chapters. It was amazing! I had so many people from around the world voting and commenting. Compliments from family and friends are great, but from complete strangers – wow! The praise I received was the push I needed.

Here is Where I’ll Stay

It has taken me awhile to get here. There have been twists and turns with many more to come, of that I’m sure, but the journey has been worth it. As I sit here writing this I find myself getting a little emotional (I am such a sap), I will soon be a published author. That reality is both thrilling and frightening, and I’m okay with that. For those of you reading this, who are about to embark on your own journey or who are thinking about it, I say do it. The worst thing that can happen is you fail. I take comfort in the fact that if I fail at least I can say I tried, and tried hard. I didn’t sit around wondering – what if?

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