New Release by Author Mari Collier

Author Mari Collier joins me this week to discuss her newest release, Thalia – The New Generation. This is the seventh novel in the Chronicles of the Maca. SJJ: What genre does this book fall under? MC: Science fiction SJJ: Is this a genre you normally write in or are you trying something new? MC: All my novels are science fiction. SJJ: Who is your target audience? MC: Anyone that likes science fiction. SJJ: When do you expect the release of your newest book? MC: The Kindle edition is scheduled for May 15, 2020 and the paperback a few days later. SJJ: Please tell us a little about your new book. MC: As thievery and deceit befall the continent, a new generation of Maca leaders will rise. Dani

New Release by Author Cynthia A. Morgan

Author Cynthia A. Morgan joins me this week to discuss her newest release, Misericode. SJJ: What genre(s) does this book fall under? CAM: While Dark Fey was very much a Young Adult Fantasy, The Mercy Series is more of a Dark Dystopian Fantasy with elements of both Romance and Horror. It has taken a slightly darker turn than Dark Fey, landing somewhere between a PG-13 and an R-rating. I veered away from the poetic writing style I used in Dark Fey, making this series more conversational in its tone with darker, moderately graphic content. It tells the story of a harsh new reality that exists on Earth with characters that are equally harsh. SJJ: Who is your target audience? CAM: Definitely an

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