Guest Blog - Skye Turner

One of the best things about becoming an author are all the authors I have "met" through social media. Skye Turner is one such author. When I messaged her about participating in my blog she kindly accepted. Please read her most interesting post about her and her work. Thanks, Skye! I was approached to write a Guest Blog Post and thought, “why not.” After wracking my brain, I figured the best way to inform everyone about me and also answer the questions I’m asked the most was to do it “Interview” style. I’ve taken pieces from interviews I’ve had over the past 4 years and compiled them below! To start with, I’ll give you a brief biography about me. I, Skye Turner, am an avid reader and an edit

Stop the Madness

Attention disrupted, Unfocused thoughts, Invading fears, Unfolding plots, Unsettling news, Disturbing plans, Hidden agendas, Clashing clans, Entitled beliefs, Oppressive minds, Barbaric practices, Destroying mankind, Caring forgotten, Empathy lost, Selfish attitudes, Insurmountable cost, Pointing fingers, Shame game, Shaking heads, Passing blame, No accountability, Deceptive deeds, Enormous egos, Debilitating greed, Fallible humans, Emotional too, Ignorance perhaps? No Excuse. Human condition, Life's choices, Guilty conscience, Innocent voices. Unconditional love, Extinction evaded, Enduring hope, Evil abated. It is easier to hate for our differences than to love. It is easier to be lazy tha

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