Another Year Over

Wow! Hard to believe another year is almost gone and yet it’s true. I would like to thank all my guest bloggers this past year. I have enjoyed every one of your posts and I look forward to more guests in 2017. Thank you: Myron Stenzel – January 30 Myron's Books Claire Gager – February 27 Claire's Books Bobby Underwood – March 26 Bobby's Books Airam Author – April 30 Facebook : - you can friend request me. Facebook Page - give my 'page' a 'like'. Twitter Blog Ben Starling – June 25 Ben's Books Terri Lenee Peake – July 30 Terri's Books Sharon M. Hart – August 27 Email: Facebook: Twitter: @SMKHart D. P. Curran – September 24 D. P.'s Books John Cooke – October 29 Website Facebook Melanie Roberts

Writerly Wednesday – An Oldie but a Goodie

I lifted the lid from the old case. My fingertips gently brushed over the well-worn keys. With some effort I pressed down on the Q. The hammer struck the ink ribbon with a satisfying click. After some close examination I carefully inserted a sheet of paper and turned the knob, watching as it curled between the rollers and eventually reappeared above the ribbon. My fingers knew where to rest as I thought of my words. Suddenly an idea came to mind and I began. After several taps I stopped to rub my aching fingers. How Grandmother managed 60 words a minute, I could not imagine. Her hands must have been incredibly strong. The words were faint but legible and after a few moments I continued. Gran

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