Guest Post with Author Melanie Robertson-King

I would like to welcome Melanie Robertson-King as my guest blogger for the month of November. I first met Melanie at a Writers’ Ink meeting earlier in the year. Thanks for inviting me to your wonderful blog, Sandra. I’m going to talk about the project I’m working on in this year’s NaNoWriMo. The working title is Second Chances. This particular book has been a long time in the making. Originally, I had planned it to be a sequel to my debut novel, but when it was published by 4RV Publishing in 2012, this follow-up project wouldn’t work. It went off in a completely different direction and genre from my first book. I relegated it to the dark recesses of my hard drive where it languished for a l

Writerly Wednesday – An Acquired Taste

I squeezed the bag of ground coffee; my eyes closed reflexively as the robust aroma filled my nose. I couldn’t wait for the granular powder to be transformed into a revitalizing concoction. I’d heard that coffee was an acquired taste though I’d always enjoyed the smell. I was eager for my first cup. A yawn took over my face. I hadn’t planned on the late night but my assignment took longer than I’d thought. With an 8 AM class, I needed the boost. Finally, my coffee was set in front of me. I inhaled the aromatic steam as it rose and tempted me. Carefully, I sipped the rich brew. My face scrunched as bitter heat trickled down my throat. “You’ll get used to it.” My roommate smiled as she dumped

Writerly Wednesday – A Voice in the Wilderness

I pushed away another frond jutting out over the overgrown trail. The protests of my team were barely audible; drowned out by jungle sounds. “FAWCETT!” The roar brought me to a halt. I wiped the sweat from my brow as I turned to stare down my colleague. “Enough!” I gave a half smile. “It’s enough when we find the lost city.” I turned with my fists clenched at my side. “Or when I give up,” I muttered. I whacked at a large vine with my machete; my mood improved with each swing. “Danger!” A beautiful parrot stared at me and I laughed. “Well, you didn’t learn that on your own.” “FAWCETT!” I looked back at the green wall behind me and shook my head as I turned back toward my new companion. “Lead

Writerly Wednesday – A Thousand Words

We walked through the underground tunnels. The walls were adorned with paintings from various university groups and resident houses. I stopped and studied one particular piece carefully. At first sight it looked like a jumbled mess of colourful paint but on closer inspection intricate details sprung forward from the design. I stepped closer and read the small messages scratched in ink on top of the painting. Some of the messages seemed typical of twenty-something year olds, but most were sweet and loving. “Are you coming?” My husband’s voice echoed down the tunnel. I traced my finger over the word ‘love’. “Be right there.” My eyes continued their inspection. Marked just above the painting wa

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