Guest Post with Author John Cooke

Welcome to my guest blogger for the month of October, Author John Cooke. I first met John, in person no less, back in September at a Writers’ Ink meeting. John is just beginning his journey and by the excerpts he shared with us from his book, Your Snake River Skirr Travel Guidebook, I’d say he’s well on his way. Thank you, John for being this month’s guest. Are We There Yet? Are we there yet? The question can drive you crazy. When I was a kid the answer always seemed to be no. I would be told when we were there, by an adult. As an adult, I never studied eastern philosophies but I have read enough of Facebook to know that the key is to live in the moment. All time is now. In my regular life I

Writerly Wednesday – Time for a Change

I looked around the large and empty office. The hum of the lights had replaced the once busy drone of voices. Alone, I sighed and sat back down at my work station. Every year the exodus of employees began as the summer wound down. In a matter of a couple of weeks only a few of us remained to work throughout the fall and winter months. I was lonely and I hated every second. I stared at the time on my computer screen. With only an hour to go, I squeezed my eyes shut against the threat of tears. I took a deep breath. “You can do this,” I whispered to the emptiness around me. Back home, I said goodnight to my family before heading into my office. The screen lit up the dark as I sent out yet anot

Writerly Wednesday – A Well Deserved Trip

Olivia looked up at the villa; the weight of her suitcases momentarily forgotten. “It’s perfect!” she whispered as her eyes took in the details of her new surroundings. She was overwhelmed by everything. “May I take your bags, senorita?” Olivia Jumped. “I’m sorry?” she said, turning to face the young man beside her. She hadn’t been called miss in years. “Your bags?” He pointed to her hands. “Yes, sorry!” She held out her suitcases and caught a glimpse of her wedding ring. Her throat tightened. You can do this, she told herself. Olivia had never been anywhere. When an old friend asked her to come to Mexico, her husband insisted she go. She deserved the break. Olivia took a deep breath and pus

Writerly Wednesday – Carried on the Wind

To some it is just a bubble, a temporary sphere that shimmers with the colours of the rainbow as it drifts on the wind. But I know better – it’s magic. I reach out my hand as the large bubble floats down. It lands softly and bounces in my palm before finally settling. I hold it up to my face and stare at the distorted world through the orb as it sways lightly in the afternoon breeze. A multitude of soapy colours swirl and undulate inside. I hold my breath as a sudden breeze pushes the bubble from my hand and once again the sphere floats through the air, free for a moment from the bonds of gravity. The bubble rises higher and pops. I create another shiny orb and close my eyes as the stresses

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