Writerly Wednesday – Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

“Whachu lookin’ at?” Sam sat down by his friend. “He’s back.” Luke’s muscles tensed beneath his coat. Sam eagerly looked around the yard. “Where?” “Patience, Sam,” Luke barked. “Whoa! Wow! Did you see that?” Luke wagged his tail. “See what? WHAT?” Sam bounced up and down on his front paws. “Up there. Boy I sure want that.” Sam stood beside Luke and stared up at the tree. “What’s the plan?” “Same as yesterday, and the day before that.” A small animal snuck out from behind a branch, its bushy tail twitched as two beady eyes stared at Sam.“Oooooo, that’s him!” Sam wagged his tail wildly. “You know what to do,” Luke yipped. Sam ran around to the other side and sat down. “We’re gonna get’em today

Guest Blog Post with Author, D. P. Curran

My guest blogger for this month is Fountain Blue Author, D. P. Curran. Dan's first novel with FBP, Born of the Sea, was released earlier this month. Like many of the author's I have met, Dan's journey has been a long one. Welcome, Dan and thank you for being my guest. How I Became an Author My earliest connection with writing came by way of reading. Reading and writing was a gift that started before entering school. Having been an orphan and in foster care, there was never an explanation as for why this might have been. Being in Catholic School in the sixties, the nuns would have me read in the classroom, church, or in front of an assembly. Praise of any kind in those days was thrown around

Writerly Wednesday – What was I Thinking (or Not)?

I stared at the picture for the third time, hoping the image would evoke a thought, an idea – a memory. But my mind was as blank as when I’d first looked at the photo. I thought about giving up, deleting the picture of the flower garden that only stimulated my visual sense with its beautiful, vivid colours. However, giving up was not something that came easily, not until every corner of my mind was searched and every possibility exhausted. I was determined to work something out, even if it took all day. I flipped open my laptop. My fingers tapped hesitantly on the keyboard as I stared at the image. Words began to fill the page and within minutes a story began to take shape. Time ticked by as

Writerly Wednesday – Heaven Sent

I sat down on the beach, buried my toes in the hot sand, and drew my knees toward me; hugging them tight. I closed my eyes and inhaled, the salty sea air sent me back in time. I wiggled my toes, feeling each grain of sand as I buried them deeper. The ocean breeze cooled my hot skin. The rhythmic hush of crashing waves soothed my weary soul. I opened my eyes, looked out over the vastness, and tasted the sea as a single tear fell to my lips. He’d been gone for a year, but he was always with me, the warmth of the sun - his touch; the hush of the waves - his whisper; the blue of the sea – his eyes. I looked down at the mound of sand covering my feet, a white feather rested on top. “Hi,” I whispe

Writerly Wednesday – A Win-Win Situation

I sat at the end of the table watching our extended family as they laughed and dined. This year, Peter and I had our annual get-together catered so we could visit without the worry of food preparation and clean-up. My stomach twisted with excitement. The grin on Peter’s face was as large as my own. I looked down at the envelopes beside me. I could hardly wait for the meal to end. “Could we please have your attention,” Peter finally announced. The laughing and talking quieted and all eyes were upon us. I smiled nervously. “I have something for everyone,” I said and passed out the envelopes. “Open them when I tell you.” I sat back down beside my husband. “Okay,” I announced. The silence was c

Writerly Wednesday – Tough Lesson to Learn

“Read the manual.” Maggie pointed to the book encased in plastic and sitting inside the box. “Did you hear me?” Sam looked up. “Ya, of course.” He smiled. His words contradicted the glazed over expression he wore. He was still shocked by the present his wife had just given him. He felt like a kid again as he inspected his new drone. “Hmph!” Maggie turned and headed into the kitchen. Several minutes later a loud cry sent her rushing outside. “What’s going on?” She asked. Sam pointed upward. “It’s gone. I tried everything.” His hand hung limply at his side, the remote control still clutched tightly. Maggie went back into the house and returned to Sam’s side moments later. “I know one thing yo

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