Guest Blog Post with Author Sharon M. Hart

My guest blogger this week is author Sharon M. Hart. Like many of the authors who have been guests on my blog, I "met" Sharon through social media. Sharon is also an active participant in Writerly Wednesday. Her flash fiction posts are always unique and fascinating and you can read them on her blog at Welcome, Sharon, and thank you for being my guest blogger for August. Sharon M. Hart studied mathematics and humanities at university. She earned a degree in mathematics and for over twenty years, taught algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus to teenagers. The teaching experience gave her insight into the human condition and interpersonal relationships,

Writerly Wednesday - A Point in the Wrong Direction

It had all gone wrong. One misstep, one wrong move – that’s all it took. He exhaled a shaky breath and closed his eyes. Accidents happen; his grandmother’s voice echoed in his head. He opened his eyes and ran his still shaking hands through his damp hair. He wrinkled his nose, a faint odor wafted out from under his arms. He shrugged his shoulders; the movement loosened the sweat dampened t-shirt that stuck to his back. He squinted, focusing his eyes on the tree several feet in front of him. Two darts were buried dead centre and he could just make out the small bull’s eye he’d drawn only moments before. A violent sneeze in the middle of the third launch had changed the dart’s trajectory. “Sor

Writerly Wednesday – Life is Too Short

I stood on tiptoe but my grip slipped and the shoe-box toppled forward, the lid fell to the side, and the box landed upside down on the floor. “Aargh!” I cried. Clearing out my estranged brother’s apartment was time consuming and I wanted to be there about as much as I wanted a hole in the head. It had been twenty years since I’d seen or spoken to him, but as his next of kin, here I was. I sat down on the carpeted floor and flipped the box over. I began sifting through the old photographs. While some were unfamiliar, many evoked memories of happier times. My heart filled with so many emotions as I studied each picture and laid it gently back inside the box. “I thought we’d have more time to

Writerly Wednesday – Eating Crow

Sid stared out the window into the beady eyes of his visitor. The crow surveyed the area and then cawed to his friends. In seconds, several more of the sleek, black birds stomped around the yard. The birds cautiously pecked at the few bits of bread Sid had left out earlier. It was a peace offering, but Sid was doubtful. He looked at plan B and hoped he wouldn’t have to resort to such measures. It had been wrong of him to take a hose to the birds. Now they seemingly spent the whole day waiting to get their revenge. Sid stepped outside. Immediately the birds took to flight and began dive bombing. He escaped to safety and reluctantly turned to plan B. Back outside, Sid crossed the yard unharmed

Writerly Wednesday – The Easy Way Out

The door was intriguing and frightening at the same time. I wiped my sweaty palms on my faded denims as sweat trickled down the small of my back. “Don’t bother with the door.” A voice whispered in my head. “Take the passageway, it’s much easier.” I had to make a decision and fast; the world behind me was crumbling. Only one exit would lead me in the right direction. Only one exit was the right choice. I exhaled and began the difficult climb. More than once I lost my footing but I kept trying, ignoring the voice. The easy way is not always the best choice, I whispered back. I’d learned that the hard way and the turmoil behind me was the proof. Instantly, I knew I’d made the right decision. A

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