Guest Blog Post by Author Terri Lenee Peake

I would like to introduce this month's guest blogger, FBP Author, Terri Lenee Peake. Terri is the author of her real life story 6200 Carbon Canyon Road. Her story brings an important message and a tale of caution to young people about the Hollywood experience. Welcome, Terri, and thank you for being my guest. Hi everyone! I am Terri Lenee Peake 1987 Oct Penthouse Centerfold/Model, Actress and Radio Personality! I went from Centerfold to Material Witness in the murder of my former Fiancé, Horace McKenna better known as Big Mac. I wrote my book titled,6200 Carbon Canyon Road - My life as a Penthouse Pet as a way to not only honor his life, but to caution young people about the risks of the Ho

Writerly Wednesday – Puppy Dog Tales

When the small human approached me with a strange thing in his hand, I thought he wanted to play fetch. I sat down and wagged my tail. I put on my happy face, waiting for him to throw what he carried in his little hand. I couldn’t help but bark and jump; I was so excited my whole body wagged. I kept waiting for him to throw it, but he wouldn’t. Instead he put something on my face. It feels weird and I don’t like it. I can’t see right. I know I ate the last bit of that cold creamy stuff in the human’s bowl, but I thought he wanted me to; he put it down right in front of me. Was that it? Is that why I’m in trouble? I lowered my head and slinked away quietly to a nice shady patch of green. Wha

Writerly Wednesday – Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

She knew they were his shoes and her heart pounded. She bent down and examined them. Under the tongue, the initials J. M. were written in black ink. She sucked air sharply through her teeth as a familiar scene flashed in front of her eyes. She scanned the empty shoreline and called. His name bounced off the rocks lining the far side of the river and returned to her ears. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing him. She wouldn’t go through that kind of pain again. Finally, she heard laughter. She picked up the shoes and walked quickly. When she saw him she smiled. Jonah saw his mother on shore and said goodbye to his friends. He’d promised her that if she gave him space, he’d never let her wo

Writerly Wednesday - A Special Father's Day

“So, what do you think?” I crouched down beside Jordan as he peered through the railing. He’d always been a little reserved, but I hoped that would change. After all his mother and I would be marrying soon. “Is it ours?” He asked excitedly. “It is. How would you like a trip aboard that beauty?” “We get to sleep on it?” I nodded. “Want a closer look?” Jordan’s eyes grew even wider and he reached up with his little hand and grabbed on to mine. My heart skipped, he’d never held my hand. We walked along the wharf and made our way to our new boat. “Jake?” “Ya?” “Can I call you dad?” I looked down at the little boy I had grown to love, my heart swelled, and I nodded. In less than a week we would b

Writerly Wednesday – Look on the Sunny Side

I opened the small can and blinked. The yellow paint was so bright it was as though I looked up at the sun. “Can I see?” Sarah’s voice echoed in her empty bedroom. I lowered the can. Her eyes widened and she smiled. She bounced and clapped her little hands. “Ooooh, it’s sooooo sunny,” she squealed. “Are you sure about this colour?” I looked down at my smiling daughter. Sarah nodded her head. “Okay.” I knelt behind the bedroom door and carefully painted along the edge. The small strip of paint brightened the room. “Mommy,” Sarah said. “Yes.” “That’s bright.” I closed my eyes and spots appeared behind my eyelids. “Yes, it is.” “Just one wall,” Sarah said. “Don’t you like it?” I looked at my d

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