Writerly Wednesday – Ready, Willing, and Able

Charlie approached the mic, absently wiping her sweaty palms on her faded denims. Her heart raced. She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Her brown eyes quickly scanned the audience for familiar faces and then closed for a moment as she calmed herself. Don’t overthink, Charlie whispered in her head. She nodded her signal to begin. The lights dimmed and the band began to play. Is that really me? Charlie thought as her ears tuned into the sound coming from her lips. She looked at the strangers in the front row for confirmation. They swayed to the music, wide grins pasted on their faces. In an instant the song was over and the crowd cheered and chanted her name. Charlie’s cheeks ached from

Guest Blog Post by Author Ben Starling

I would like to introduce my guest for this month's blog, Author Ben Starling. Like many of my author guests, I met Ben through social media. Ben has published a novella Something in the Air and his debut novel, Something in the Water. I have read his novel and found it to be an enjoyable read and you can read my review on Amazon or Goodreads. When Ben Met Sally I meant to write a post entitled Writing Spaces I Have Loved and Roamed. But as I wrote things changed. Today, I got led off in a new direction. The thing is, I have many writing spaces: one is at my desk, and all the others are in the shining places I find as I walk out the twists and turns in my next plot. I pass canals and dogs, f

Writerly Wednesday – Crossing the Bridge when you Come to it

I gripped the steering wheel as I neared the bridge. The wheels of the car aligned with the bridge’s cables and slowly began to climb. We approached the first tower, teetered, and then carefully drove down the cables. My stomach rolled, as though I were on a roller-coaster. I blinked my eyes open and breathed a sigh of relief. The image in my head was just a dream. I jumped from bed and got ready; we’d be leaving soon. “Ready!” Dad said. I nodded and slid in behind the steering wheel, gripping it tightly. My father reached over and patted my hand. “You’ll do fine.” I started the car. “Are we taking the bridge today?” my voice cracked. Dad smiled. “No, honey, you’ll cross that bridge when you

Writerly Wednesday – A Drive down Memory Lane

I'm back with another Writerly Wednesday Flash Fiction prompt. I missed it last week. I hope you enjoy the story. Let me know what you think! The smell of moth balls assaulted my nose as I pulled the lid from the shoe box. I spied the offending orbs and quickly removed them before searching through the memorabilia. The first picture was of route 66, the highway that led my father from New Mexico to his new life in California in 1951. Several pictures documented his travels and his voice echoed in my head as though he were beside me. I smiled, in a couple of hours, my husband and I would be heading out on our own journey to New Mexico, and my father would be coming with us. My father’s life h

Writerly Wednesday – A Woman Scorned

“Oh what a tangled web we weave…” whispered in my head as I stared at them from my perch on the stairs. They were a perfect couple enjoying their morning coffee, and anyone noticing them would think nothing less. She was poised and elegant; her hands moved gracefully as she spoke. I couldn’t hear her words as her lips moved, but I knew the sound of her voice. He sat still, attentive, nodding occasionally and smiling. It was obvious he was captivated by her. I swallowed back the lump and blinked away the burning tears. It wasn’t that long ago when I wielded that kind of power over a man, when my husband was engrossed in my every word and move. I raised my camera and took another picture. I ha

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