Write What you Know?

I belong to a writers’ group, Writers’ Ink, and at our last meeting, I read a short story that I had written and submitted to the CBC Canada Writes short story contest at the end of last year. The genre is a thriller and I would love to share it on my blog, but I am trying to submit it for publication into a magazine, which means I can’t publish it anywhere else – at least not just yet. In any case, my audience was captivated. When I had finished reading, one member said “Wow! What kind of life have you had” or something to that effect. I explained that it was all fiction and not a drop of anything I had personally experience. This, of course, led to a short discussion on writing about what

Writerly Wednesday – Wrapped Around Her Finger

Ainsley squealed with delight as we pulled up at the park. She kicked her little legs and wiggled her butt in her car seat. Her big blue eyes were wide with excitement as I unbuckled the harness. I barely had a chance to grab onto her as she squirmed her way out. “Hang on, munchkin,” I said, lifting my niece from her seat and setting her on her feet beside me. I held her warm, little hand tightly as she pulled me anxiously and I closed the car door. Ainsley towed me along; her two-year old legs moving as quickly as they could. She not only tugged at my hand but also at my heart. I rubbed my free hand over the fluttering in my belly. I blinked back the tears that suddenly formed and laughed a

Writerly Wednesday – Autumn Years

The old fence was just as I remembered, though it leaned more and the boards were twisted with age, it was still intact. I inhaled the cool autumn air and jammed my cold hands into the pockets of my red, fleece jacket. Somewhere in the distance a fire had been lit; the faint smell of burning wood tickled my nose. I tilted my head back and stared up at the fiery canopy; dots of blue sky peeked through the fall colours. A breeze stirred the leaves and my eyes followed as one silently joined the others on the ground. The trees were at their peak and their stunning beauty wouldn’t last for long. I climbed back into my car and drove down the old road. I was going to enjoy every moment with my gra

Writerly Wednesday – Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Owen’s anxiety eased as the effects of his medication took hold. He stared up at the plane’s ceiling and exhaled slowly. He closed his eyes and focused on the music playing through his ear phones and wondered if anyone could tell it was his first plane trip. Song after song played as Owen slipped in and out of consciousness; lyrics and melodies created illusions in his mind. His eyes jostled open briefly as the plane bumped for a moment like a car hitting a pothole. His body relaxed as Alanis Morissette sang Ironic. He had waited his whole damned life. Passenger’s screamed. A confused Owen white-knuckled the arm rest and stared wide-eyed as the plane tipped forward. “Well isn’t this nice…” T

Writerly Wednesday – Safety in Numbers

I sat in a forest of legs, their eerie stillness protected me. I reached out and gently touched the smooth curve of a well-defined calf muscle. The plastic was hard and cool under my palm, but somehow soothing. It wouldn’t be long before he began looking for me. My ears strained for any sound in the dimly lit storage room. My wild imagination tried to convince me that it heard the collective breathing of the bodies around me. I shook my head and the thought free. I was safe. I waited for another moment before slowly crawling out from the plastic bodies. The mannequins stood still and made no move to give me away. Carefully, I pulled open the door, home base was in sight. My head whipped left

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