Guest Post with Author, Airam Booksie

I first met Maria, aka Airam Booksie, aka Airam Author on Wattpad. I was intrigued by her stories and her huge following of adoring fans. I became friends with her on Facebook and messaged her occasionally for Wattpad advice, after-all she'd been on it for just over a year and in my eyes was the Queen of Wattpad (and still is). It was Maria, though she lives in the UK, who sent me the link for Fountain Blue Publishing. She had come across it somewhere and knowing that I was in search of a publisher, sent it to me. Maria is in the process of publishing her first novel and there is no doubt in my mind that she will be a resounding success when her books hit the stores. Thank you, Maria, for ho

Writerly Wednesday – A Car Full of Love

“Was it really yours, Grampa?” Jake asked his grandfather as they walked hand-in-hand toward the old car. “Yup.” Harry said. He hadn’t seen the car in years. It was a trip down memory lane that he’d avoided. His heart raced. “Does it work?” Jake looked up at his grandfather. “Doubt it.” Harry wiped his brow with the back of his free hand. “Can we get in, Grampa?” Jake looked up, with the same blue gaze as his grandmother. Harry nodded; he couldn’t resist those blue eyes. He tugged open the heavy door and gasped. Tears filled his eyes. Sitting on the seat was the metal box he thought he’d lost long ago. He picked up the container. “What is it?” Jake asked. “It’s every precious memory I have l

Journey Behind the Scenes

Starting at the end of May, I will be e-mailing a monthly newsletter to my subscribers. This newsletter will include information on upcoming news and events. Occasionally, there will be special offers, promotions, and contests exclusive to those who subscribe. A fact or fiction section will delve into my books and reveal what part of the story is based on reality and what is completely from my imagination. It will include deleted scenes, alternate endings, and more. Add your name to my e-mail list by clicking on the e-mail signup link below and begin receiving your Journey Behind the Scenes monthly newsletter. The 25th person to subscribe will receive one (1) $25 Amazon gift card. The recipi

Writerly Wednesday – Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

My eyes fluttered open to a pounding head and a gnawing in my gut. Rain tapped lightly on my hood; its sound was both soothing and irritating as each drop echoed in my ears. Last night’s haze was lifting, but not enough to get me to my feet. The quiet streets were coming alive, despite the miserable day. Footsteps neared, slowed, and then drifted away again. If it weren’t for the clink of metal on metal, I wouldn’t have lifted my head. I looked up and down the street, but the passerby had disappeared into the crowd. Then my eyes drifted over to my cup, a souvenir from last night’s escapades. The bottom was lined with several coins. I dumped the cup into my shaky hand as I rose quickly to my

Writerly Wednesday – Prisoner of Memories

Originally posted on Wordpress blog on March 16, 2016 My skin prickled. Every hair stood on end, tugging my skin into tiny bumps. I rubbed my arms as though to smooth away the tiny mounds and ease the memories. “It looks rather sad, doesn’t it?” Griffin asked. I sensed his gaze but I didn’t look back at him. My eyes were glued to the old house. I nodded and swallowed back the sob that threatened to escape from my lips. “We can go, if this is too much for you,” he whispered. His warm hand rested against my back. The pressure was comforting. I faced him and forced a smile. “No,” I cleared my throat. “I’m okay.” I inhaled and stepped closer. If I was ever going to be truly free I had to face my

April Progress and Events

Spring is here, though you wouldn’t know it, at least not in my area or in many others. The last couple of weeks have been cold and have even brought snow. (The west coast of Canada doesn't seem to have this issue, however, spring is having a difficult time in some of the US as well). While I wait for warmer weather to arrive, April is chalking up to be a very busy month, both in a writing way and personally. I am continuing to work on the sequel to Playing in the Rain (due out some time this year). I expect the writing to move a bit quicker as I have now worked out some of the main issues that have been somewhat holding me back. However, I have been making steady progress and the book is pr

Writerly Wednesday – A Match Made in Heaven

Originally posted on Wordpress Blog, Expressions, on March 9, 2016 Gwen opened her eyes, blinked away sleep, and stared up at the white ceiling. Bits of some strange dream teased her before finally dissolving away. She had more important things on her mind. She rolled over onto her side, a slow, wide grin stretched across her face, making her cheeks ache. The objects that evoked her happiness sat on the nightstand, glinting in the morning sun. Gwen reached over and picked up Jake’s wedding band. She bounced it in her palm, feeling its solid weight. She turned it slowly, engaged in the way the tiny diamonds captured the light and sparkled. By the afternoon she and Jake would be married and th

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