Guest Post with Author Bobby Underwood

Please welcome guest Author, Bobby Underwood. Originally from the United States, he now lives in Australia with his wife. Bobby has published 29 books of varying genres which includes such titles as The Long Gray Goodbye, The Wild Country, and The Turquoise Shroud. I believe you have to be born to write, but reaching a point in your life where things line up to make it possible, can take a circuitous route. Harlan Ellison listed many of the jobs he’d held over the years and stated that writing was the most difficult of them, yet the noblest and most rewarding. Like Robert Ludlum and Raymond Chandler, it didn’t line up for me until my forties, and in many ways, having those years of life expe

Writerly Wednesday – Home is Where the Heart is

Originally posted on Wordpress on March 2, 2016. I finally realized by this post that the flash fiction stories were only supposed to be 150 words. He stood in the shadows – watching. His cold gaze swept over the few pedestrians that roamed about so late. Her, he thought, as a lone passerby crossed the street. His dead, brown eyes wandered over the city he’d known so well. Much had changed since he’d last visited. While the buildings were the same, the streets had been paved and electric lights shone from windows and posts. Their glow highlighted the darkest of corners. He would have to be careful; there were few hiding spots that accommodated the element of surprise. He fixated for a momen

Writerly Wednesday – Dragon and Deer and Butter – Oh Flies!

Originally posted on Wordpress February 24, 2016 “Whaszat, mama!” Abby called excitedly and scampered away before I had a chance to answer let alone see what it was she was talking about. We were visiting a small petting zoo and she was thrilled by everything that met her blue eyes. My heart quickened as I momentarily lost sight of her among the other visitors. I moved quickly through a group of people next to the deer enclosure. A heavy exhale rushed through my lips as I breathed a sigh of relief. Abby was kneeling on a rock, my little angel dressed in blue. A golden curl gently fell against her cheek as she leaned forward. “What are you looking at, Abby?” I asked as I stood beside the rock

Writerly Wednesday -The Best Laid Plans

Originally posted on Wordpress Blog - Feb. 17, 2016 Gwen scrunched her face and slowly squeezed the handbrakes. The piercing squeal of worn brake pads rubbing against rusted tire rims drowned out any other sound that may have entered her ears. Her blue bicycle slowly came to a noisy halt. Gwen slid from the seat and planted her feet firmly on the ground. Her cheeks were flush and her bangs clung to her forehead, damp with sweat. She held tightly to the handlebars as she steadied the bike between her bare legs. She looked down at her hands, watching as her knuckles turned white. Gwen closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. As she slowly allowed the air to escape through her pursed lips, her heart

Writerly Update - March

I am still working at sorting out my blogging schedule. While I have reduced the amount of posts on this blog, I have maintained weekly updates on my Wordpress blog, thanks in part to Writerly Corner. Writerly Corner is a division of Fountain Blue Publishing and three weeks ago I signed up for Writerly Wednesdays. Each Wednesday I am sent a photo. The photo is a prompt for a flash fiction story of approximately 150 words. I admit it was difficult to write only 150 words, in fact the first two flash fiction posts were over the limit. However, by the third one, I finally managed the goal. I have decided that I will start sharing these Writerly Wednesday posts on this blog as well and I will be

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